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The Boss’ Prayer

Our Boss, who art on the top floor “How be your day?” Thy business comes. Thy will be done, On the bottom floor as it is on the top. Give us this Friday for our bi-weekly income. And forgive us … Continue reading

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Winter Roses

Shimmering snowflakes fell from the celadon sky, The coldness crept through the flesh To the marrow of the bones. A wisp of a breath Finds existence in hope, And from the barren, frozen ground, A white, thornless rose will grow.

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The Depth of Our Distant Memories

“It happened so suddenly that I just stood frozen,” Ashley said, suppressing the sadness surging through her. “I couldn’t believe he was dead. He was fine the day before.” We hadn’t talked in over two years since I moved away. … Continue reading

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Pete thought it would be a great idea to take Angela to the haunted house. It was private and secluded because no one had inhabited the household or stepped on the property for years. But instead of reaching third base … Continue reading

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